Fix Magento Redirect Loop problem

If you edit the secure/unsecure base url for you Magento based site you may find yourself locked out of both the frontend and admin sections of the site. To solve this problem take the following steps: Log in to your database using phpMyadmin or similar. Find the table labelled core_config_data Edit the rows entitled web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url  […]

How to set start and end markers for youtube video

To set a start and end time for a youtube video, we use a url in the format: Where, VIDEOID is your video ID (obviously) and your start and end time are in seconds. * You can use either the or url * If the version=3 parameter is omitted, the video starts at the correct place but runs […]

PHP/SQL OOP Register & Login System

How to clear image cache in opencart

If you need to clear the cached images for whatever reason, such as slow image loading, outdated image caches or importing new database you need to do the following: Using FTP navigate to /image/cache/data/ Delete all files within that data/ folder. On viewing any page within your site now these cached images will be recreated […]

How to improve Magento v1.7 search results

If you are using the standard built in search function in Magento you may notice that you are getting a large amount of responses to any search. The way the default search works is like this… If you search for “Red Jumper”, you will get results for every product with either “Red” or “Jumper” in […]