Add a Delivery Phone number field to Woocommerce Checkout

If you need a customer to be able to add seperate billing and delivery phone numbers (for example when having a product sent as a gift) you can achieve this by adding the code below to your theme’s functions.php file   /** Add an extra Phone number field to the Delivery Address checkout. */ add_filter( ‘woocommerce_checkout_fields’, […]

Display Woocommerce Attributes on Product pages

Want to display a list of your product attributes on your product page? For example show the Manufacturer, Dimensions etc. Just add the code below to your themes functions.php file. If you want to change exactly where on the product page the attributes are displayed update the priority of the hook. (Thats the 25 in […]

How to Recover and Reprint the last document printed on a Mac

So this happened today. I paid for a coupon online, pressed print, then closed the webpage. Walked over to printer, it was out of ink so so had not printed out properly. No problem you would think, just print it again? Logged back in, and it would not let me print the coupon again without […]

Opencart SEO homepage (remove index.php?route=common/home)

If you are using SEO urls on your opencart site (which you should be), you may notice that sometimes when you navigate to the homepage by clicking on your site logo or other link, the url appears with the index.php?route=common/home suffix.   The easiest way to remove this, is to edit your .htaccess file with the […]

Remove weight from cart/checkout – (Opencart Weight Based Shipping)

If you are using the Weight Based Shipping module in Opencart you may find that the weight appears in certain places such as the cart and checkout. However, you may not want this displayed as your weight might not be accurately setup or you may have it configured in your own way. There is a setting to […]