How to move position of Customize button – Fancy Product Designer

If you are using the Fancy Product Designer wordpress plugin and need to move the  location of the “Customize Product” button I will show you how.

Find the file called class-frontend-product.php, it lives in the inc/ folder of the plugin.

Find the code below:

//add customize button
add_action( ‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’, array( &$this, ‘add_customize_button’), 25 );


The wordpress codex shows how this add_action() function works:

<?php add_action( $hook, $function_to_add, $priority, $accepted_args ); ?>


The $priority variable (set as 25) is what determines where the customise button is echoed out on the product page.

  • To display the Customize button above the product title change the priority from 25 to 1
  • To display the Customize button just below the product title and price change the priority from 25 to 10


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